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Welcome on my online book presenting my 18 years of experiences of photos and Computer imagery.
                                      Enjoy your visit.

Jean-Philippe Leclercq

CG Artist - Photographer

Particles of light


Diploma from the National School of Decorative Arts of Paris - ENSAD1995, I have worked for more than 17 years in the post-production field, first as a 3D computer graphics artist, then as a Flame Op for 13 years.


Since 1997 I have worked for several major post-production outfits in France (BUF, Sparx, ExMachina, thanks to them) on different types of projects (ads, long and short films, rides, video clips) 
I spent 2001 in London with Smoke & Mirrors working on large international projects like Harry Potter, Resident Evil, a Chemical Brothers video clip, and a Rob Dougan/Matrix video.

2003-2011, back from London, I went freelance and moved a lot, working in Spain, Holland, Germany (in the old Snap chocolate factory), UK, Middle East, and Morocco. I worked on a variety of creative processes and software workflows. In addition to compositing, I have explored DSLR in RAW working with various timelapse principles, including 3-axis motion control, shooting and capturing of 360 HDR stills, and video.I have worked extensively on the creation of 3D photogrammetry models and their implementation in a Unity 3D Realtime Engine.

My passion is the intersection of imagery and technology, having participated in and witnessed the evolution of the technology and imaging industries from pre-internet days. 
It's been awhile, my friends, since my eyes have been in the Light Beams!


I'm Still looking to put my passion, experience and skills to use in a new and creative way." !

Ancre 1

Software fundation




Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Lightroom

PTGui Stitching

Photomatix HDR

LR Timelapse

Granite Bay Software Timelapse

CHDK - Magic Lantern

Autodesk 3dsMax

Agisoft Photoscan

Capturing Reality

Headus UV Layout



Substance Painter

Unity 3D

Autodesk Flame

Adobe After Effects

Adobe Premiere

The foundry Nuke

Perfect knowledge of Windows and OSX System.

Base notion on Linux.

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