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Case Study :  Sarlat

Located in the middle of Dordogne France, Sarlat was the first city protected by the cultural french laws promoted by Andree Malraux. it's The purpose of this scan was to capture a 360 HDR Environements, and from there, manage the mesh conversion from Retopology to UVs.

Again, No drone

Space triangulation with Panoramics

360 Equirectangular Panoramas are then converted to 6 Cubic faces

Global Setup

Basic Ptex textured Version

1st Mesh Faces Decimation Process

Mesh Retopology

UV Layout and Texel definition

Scene Calibration in Nuke. model and camera importation. Red area are ocluded zones where no textures has been projected. it's possible then to use Mari to reproject textures from any scan stills cameras. 

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