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the Vezac Chuch 

Scanning Session

The purpose of this test was to check the sampling quality with a full frame sensor from the ground with no Drone and see the limitations and the quality of this method. The shooting scanning  distance range was from 4m to 25m, with a 22MP camera. I also made 3 HDR Panoramic 360 Equirectangular environements.

With 162 pictures, no drone, here is the result.

Cameras calibration, cloud point generation

Mesh triangulation, Texture reprojection

Mesh result from Photogrammetry

The next step consist of a serie of treatment to prepare the asset deending the future application ( realtime technology, or pre computed rendering), including :

- 3D Mesh Retopology

- UV faces assignement

- Transfer details from High Res Poly to Low Res Poly

- Creation of Maps : Displacement, Metalic, Roughness, Normal, etc ...

- Lighting Neutralisation (Albedo).

- and recompilation

Image Base Lighting let you then simulate any kind of ambient Temperature lights.

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