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             With 16 years of experience of compositing I have experienced all kind of creative and graphic challenges. tracking, keying, rotoscoping, grading, 2,5D Comp, Camera projections etc. I had the privilege to learn this skill under the supervision of Yves Le Pellier, one of the French genius of Post production.

I have also a humble 3D background who gave me the chance to collaborate from the start of my career with 3D Operators. This was a must have for collaboration between departments. 

The technics process evolving, more and more people are ultra specialized in a taylorised workflow.

As a FlameOp handling the final delivery product and also direct negociations with clients and directors, I had to fully handle the understanding of the Creative supervision.

Flame was until 2005 the major Compositing online solution, but with the arrival of the Foundry and its Nuke Package and the maturity of Adobe Suite, the balance turned to offline suites. more open and innovative, for 1% of the price, this mutation of the industry gave a new pulse that took us to the "Avatar revolution", where time of graphic pioneers was over. the industry went in the taylorised age.




Old Flame Showreels

MEDLEY 1998/2000

France Session, Mainly at BUF Paris

MEDLEY 2001/2003

UK SESSION at Smoke&Mirrors
and few projects back to France

Rob Douggan - Clubbed to Death

Ancre 1
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