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case study

Mere is my unique Drone Test with the collaboration of the Soulcam Unit. The purpose of this exercise was to get the asset in the realtime engine Untiy3D, only shaded with auto illumination texture, so no realtime GI shading.

Mere l'eglise

We took a D800 DSLR to push the Resolution a maximum Raw Qualilty. Captation was hard Under strong Sun light, moving quickly the way edifice recieve light, Photogrammetry needs stable lighting to match the pixels value correspondance. Shadows moves interfere a lot.  

Viewer 3D - Fronton de Mere Eglise         Use mouse clic to rotate-zoom-pan

Photogrammetry mesh + textured

Except one side very close to trees, the surrounding was quite open around. The HiRes lets you get massive restitution.detail. The Focus was just on the church. 

3D Retopology + Channel Materials

Multi Tile UV


Raw mesh

16 Millions faces

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